Preflight checklist

As per CAR 901.23 all RPA operators are required to conduct certain checks prior to flight – one of them being a pre-flight checklist. 

While there is no requirement that this has to be a written checklist it would be difficult to assume that you would always be able to remember all the checks required for your specific aircraft each time you went out to fly. 

Written checklists (or in electronic form) eliminate the uncertainty in trying to recall all the inspections that need to be carried out. 

Checklists should be built around your specific UAV. Your operator’s manual should be your 1st source of information on what to include in your checklist. 

As your flying experience builds you should subsequently be able to build upon your checklist to take into account your broader knowledge. 

Alternatively, there is an App called Drone Pilot Canada which has been formulated to take all of the above into account plus a lot more. While this App is not free it is a great tool in bringing all of the requirements under 901.23 within one place and greatly assists a pilot in safe operations. (disclaimer – I have no monetary interest in this App. I do however make use of it as it greatly simplifies flight operational checks).

Open the below pdf for an example of a paper version of a pre-flight checklist.

Drone Safety Checklist
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