Advanced Pilot Flight Review
Drone flight review

Advanced Pilot Flight Review

Your in-person flight review is the 2nd stage in becoming qualified as an Advanced pilot and where you get to showcase your skills and knowledge to a TC certified flight reviewer.

When you book your flight review through us you receive free access to our Advanced Flight Review Prep guide. 

See below map for our most current “Flight Reviewer” locations. If your area is not served please contact us to discuss further. Note – Our Kenora location is served by a remote reviewer so travel charges might be added

All our reviewers are fully certified through Transport Canada and offer professional flight reviews at some of the best prices within Canada. 

We are normally available at short notice and can conduct reviews during the week or weekends to suit your schedule.

Purchase your review below and contact us to plan a date.

If you are also needing flight training check out our Training & Review Bundle at a discounted price!

CAD$165 - all locations

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