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Oil & Gas

Internal and external inspections of facilities including flare stacks. Our UAV inspection services provide accurate data imagery & analysis in a fraction of the time and cost of traditional methods without the safety risks associated with these. External inspections can usually be conducted without having to shutdown critical equipment.  



Covering both residential and commercial construction progress photos and video from the commencement of breaking ground to project completion. Full resolution imagery helps document progress, provides fantastic marketing material and keeps track of inventory. Mapping, stock pile analysis & inventory control.

wind turbine

Wind Turbines

We specialize in WTG inspections. Cost effective and a proven safer method in surveying turbines. Our drones and sensor technology can obtain high resolution images and help identify problem areas without the need of rope access or placing personnel in high risk areas. 

cell tower

Cell Towers & LOS

Close up imagery, 3D modelling & Line of Sight (LOS) services. This is an efficient, safe and cost effective method of conducting such inspections.


Solar Farms

Utilizing both thermal and conventional RGB imagery we can scan your solar farm in a fraction of the time as compared to conventional methods and deliver precise data on the performance of the panels. 



PPK & RTK mapping solutions in a precise, cost effective manner and often with same day results. Offering orthomosaics, 2 & 3D photogrammetry, DSM, contour information, point cloud and textured mesh imagery. 


Power lines

Safer, faster and greater efficiency. Our power line and pylon inspection services allow for accurate, high quality RGB & thermal imagery helping pinpoint areas of concern and allow for better planned maintenance scheduling. 

real estate

Real Estate

Covering both urban and rural areas including farmland. Our high resolution photos and video will help showcase your listing and bring it to market in a professional manner. 

Ground School

Our established ground school has a proven track record in providing quality education, in both online and instructor led format, at unbeatable pricing. We also provide flight training, flight reviews & ROC-A exams. We are proud of our consistent 5 star ratings!


Drone technology in the last decade has advanced exponentially to the extent that they are now incredibly safe to use. Drones can be put into places that would traditionally be a hazard for humans to approach. Their use for things such as inspections in hazardous or hard to reach places ensure a far greater efficiency in time, possible elimination of plant shutdowns, massive reduction in costs and, most importantly, a safer method than compared with traditional approaches.  The technology we use also allows us to provide infrastructure imagery from the identical position over repeat inspections thereby helping your organization build a better planned maintenance system around your assets.

Absolutely. As of June 2019, Transport Canada brought in new regulations governing the rules around UAV/Drone operations. For the most part, all drone pilots now have to have a license to operate. All our pilots are certified to the highest possible level – Advanced operations & Flight Reviewer accreditation on behalf of Transport Canada.

We carry full liability insurance at all times. 

Yes we can. The drone technology we utilize ensures that we can operate down to temperatures well below freezing.

We are extremely proud of our success rate and strive to provide the highest quality course material. Our reviews from our clients are a measure of this.
The only guarantee we offer is to provide an exceptional learning experience delivered by highly experienced pilot-instructors while following the mandated course syllabus as per TC requirements (TP15263).

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