Join our Team of Transport Canada certified Flight Reviewers

UAVertical Ltd is looking for professional certificated flight reviewers across Canada. Contact us to discuss this further.

Flight Review

Flight Training & Flight Review

Our flight training and flight reviews are conducted 1 on 1. We do not have any fixed days when we conduct this training and can plan the training to work around your schedule

Our Flight Training and Flight Review Bundle will cover everything you need to know in order to have a safe, successful and legal flight and all at a discounted price as compared to the regular pricing of the individual options.

We will guide you through every step of the process from setting up the drone, completing your site survey, checklists, procedures, various emergencies and flying your drone. Let us help you in becoming a competent and confident pilot.

We are fully licensed and certified through Transport Canada. Our flight training/reviews are available in Calgary, Edmonton & further afield (conditions apply). 


Drone rental option - with the combined flight training/review

If you do not currently own a drone or just unsure which drone to purchase but still looking to complete your flight review we can help.

We have a rental drone available (Mavic 2 pro) in conjunction with our flight training & review bundle. This option will get you flying safely, efficiently & competently without having to provide your own RPAS. 


mavic 2
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