Foreign pilot

How to apply

To apply for this certificate:

  1. Access the Drone Management Portal to pass an exam and obtain a drone pilot certificate for the type of operation you wish to perform if you do not already have one.
  2. Complete an Application for a Special Flight Operations Certificate form and gather the documentation specified in the application
  3. Send the form and documents to:
    Remotely Piloted Aircraft Systems Centre of Expertise
    700, Leigh-Capreol Place Dorval, Quebec H4Y 1G7

Foreign Pilots Certification

In June 2021 Transport Canada changed the rules relating to foreign pilots wanting to operate a UAV in Canada.

If you are a foreign operator (that is, you are not a Canadian citizen, permanent resident or a corporation incorporated by or under federal or provincial law and you want to fly in Canadian airspace), you must have an approved SFOC to fly a drone for any purpose (recreational, work or research).

As a foreign drone pilot, you need a Canadian drone pilot certificate to operate in Canada even if you are authorized in your home country.

For basic operations, you will need to pass the online exam to receive your Pilot Certificate – Basic operations. For advanced operations, you will need to:

  • pass the online exam for advanced operations
  • complete a flight review and apply for your Pilot Certificate – Advanced operations, or provide proof of having booked a flight review with a drone flight school once you’ve arrived in Canada

We provide comprehensive online courses to guide you through the Transport Canada requirements and help you prepare for either the Basic or Advanced online exams. You can complete our courses anywhere in the world and also complete the TC online exam anywhere. This will greatly speed up the process of obtaining your SFOC ahead of arrival into Canada.

We can also conduct your advanced flight review at our Calgary and Edmonton locations, or provide proof that you have booked such a flight review. 

Easy to Understand Material


Our Basic and Advanced online courses cover the knowledge requirements for foreign pilots wishing to fly within Canada as mandated by Transport Canada and help them prepare for the TC basic or advanced online exams. Our bespoke curriculum material has been built around the TC syllabus and our extensive knowledge of the UAV and aviation industry. 

Save yourself time and complete this course and exam before you arrive in Canada in order to speed up the process of obtaining your SFOC to operate in Canada as a foreign pilot. Pre-book your flight reviews with us too at our Calgary or Edmonton locations.

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