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  • Welcome to this bespoke Advanced License Drone Training Course, purposely built for Veterans by Veterans and hosted jointly through UAVertical Ltd & Veteran Elite Drone Training Services.

The course has been professionally developed around TP15263:

Knowledge Requirements for Pilots of Remotely Piloted Aircraft Systems 250 g up to and including 25 kg, Operating within Visual Line-of-Sight (VLOS).

The course bundle consists of;

        1. Ground School
        2. Flight Review, Site Survey & SOPs guidelines
        3. Six practice exams 

The ground school covers the following topics;

  • Introduction
  • Air Law & Procedures
  • Theory of Flight
  • Meteorology
  • Navigation
  • Radio Telephony
  • Human Factors 
  • RPAS Airframes & Systems and
  • Flight Operations. 
  1. At the end of each ground school module is a short practice quiz to test your knowledge on the material covered.

    At the end of the course you will be issued a “Certificate of Completion” which attests to you having attended a Transport Canada recognized ground school course.

  2. For course enrollment please reach out to 

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